Tratnyek Research Group · Environmental Chemistry

Paul G. Tratnyek, Professor

Division of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems
Institute of Environmental Health (Mailcode HRC-3)
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, Oregon 97239-3098 USA


Phone: 503.346.3431, FAX: 503.346.3417
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News and Announcements

04.28.2014 — Update — The "Ultimate Redox Ladder" Version 1.1 (with minor corrections) has been moved to the documents page: Download from here.

01.01.2014 — Announcement — IEH has moved to the OHSU main campus! Our new address is Sam Jackson Park Road in Portland. Maps and directions are linked here.

03.09.2014 — Programs have been posted for the 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Sciences: Water. See the official websites for the GRC and GRS. For unofficial updates, see our Facebook Page.

09.19.2013 — Recent and Upcoming plenary talks: (i) IWA "Metals in Water", Shanghai, 11/2013; (ii) Wetsus "Interfaces Against Pollution", Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, 5/2014 .

09.11.2013 — New Papers — on (i) Disinfection with Persulfate; (ii) Sequestration of technetium; and (iii) Hydrolysis of nitroaromatics.

05.23.2013 — News Article — Details on our pilot-scale study of nano zerovalent iron (nZVI) injection. (more..)

01.01.2013 — The book on Aquatic Redox Chemistry edited by Tratnyek et al. is going to sell out, someday, so get one soon (more..)